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Steven Crowder is afraid of debating Sam Seder... Change My Mind!

By SuperNova

As a ex-subscriber of your content, Crowder don't be a coward debate Sam Seder. For those who are not familiar with what happened, give me a honest opinion: Steven Crowder point of view: Steven Crowder (24:20 in timeline) Sam Seder & Ethan Klein point of view: H3H3 Podcast Mind that this is not the first time he got #ColdFeet xD: Politicon, Gavin McInnis Steven Crowder, Dave Rubin.... all of these guys are portrayed as people who are eager to engage in the battlefield of ideas, but strangely they are exclusively engaged with college students or right-wingers. I have no problem with right wing politics or ideas being discussed on Crowder's show but for a person who goes around saying that people from the left don't engage with him because the lefties are afraid, this debate seems like the perfect opportunity for just that. The hypocrisy does not end there, the IDW is seen as the anti-cancel-culture group of intellectuals. Then again these guys goes around calling Sam Seder to apologize for his words, because Sam hurts their feels?? idk.

Why are they cancelling Sam Seder? are they really the anti-pc, anti-cancel-culture group that they proclaim to be? or just a reactionary force who does not care about these issues in a principled way and uses these same tactics for their side?? For those whom running to the comment box to call me out for advertising Sam's content I haven't linked any one of his video's. People in their self interest, if they wanna check his channel out I'm not responsible.

By SuperNova

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