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Obituary for the 2020 Democrats

We are gathered here today to witness the end of this pitiful attempt to solve the so-called "Trump Problem" with social extremism. The ideological battleground was there for the taking, but the Dems avoided it and pissed it away with their radical, uninspiring behavior. Outrage was the inspiration. Total annihilation of rational behavior was the result. We have witnessed the end and it's not even 2020 yet.

Andrew Yang was the democrats only chance to win. Trump would've had a hard time in the debates against Andrew because there is not much for Donald to shoot at. He could make Asian jokes? Maybe call him an AI or Robot alarmist?.. Not much there on the surface to pick at. Donald would have to become knowledgeable of Yang's policies, but I think they are too complicated for him. Trump would be demonstrated to be the greatest of Strawmen.

When Trump is faced with purely ideological challenges, without the "impeach the racist" smear, his rhetoric isn't as potent and relatable. Although difficult, Andrew would've been able to steer the conversation to ideas. Yang would take the war of ideas straight to the Don's jugular and make him look petty, dodgy, old.. but most importantly, weak (which is something Hilary failed to do in the debates in 2016). Trump showing weakness at the hands of Yang would sway enough Trump supporters into the Yang camp to win the presidency.

If this sounds like a dream come true to you, forget it. Not enough people believe in Andrew and his policies. They don't believe what he is proposing is possible. This is a failed sales pitch that is too late to rectify.

Do you want to put Bernie or Biden up there? Easy win for Donald. There is a lot of entertaining material for the president to jump on. He already has those two mastered.

Andrew's campaign has waited too long to initiate an unavoidable ideological war with The Don..not even being able to catch his attention. It's just too little, too late.

The debates are key for Trump to maintain power. The USA is entertainment.

RIP Dems 2020...

So now you are dead. Who can you zombify? Who can you bring back to life to apocalypse this election? There is only one answer. You better call Dr Frankenstein. Now.

By Travis Pangburn


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