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I Declare Ideological War on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter promotes racism and anti-scientific myths that distract from the actual cultural issues that lead to people having violent interactions with law enforcement.

An example of one of these cultural issues is machismo. "If I see my daughter get violently taken down by cops, they would have to shoot me as I would be fighting them off to defend her." This line of thinking leads to death and intense blows to the current and future wellbeing of those involved. There are many more cultural examples.

Black Lives Matter Promotes Racism. Full video:

Example: The idea of white privilege is racist and a myth.

The results of the BLM organization? Immoral activity. Full video:

Example: Rioting, looting, racism, violence.

Here are my war terms:

1) Black Lives Matter must adopt a non-racist label and mission statement. Such as "Lives Matter".

2) Black Lives Matter must create a culture in their organization that ridicules those that seek to judge people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

3) Black Lives Matter must make it clear that their organization is 100% against resisting police arrest.

4) Black Lives Matter must educate its members on race-based statistics. What they mean and don't mean. "Way more black males are incarcerated in the United States, that's evidence of racism." This is logically absurd. You need evidence of racism to demonstrate racism. The misunderstanding of statistics and what they mean is instilling a false sense of racist alarmism in your members.

Black Lives Matter term of defeat:

If you are unable to adopt these war terms, you must close down your racist organization.

I will be dedicating resources to make sure you address these terms, in whatever way you see fit. The war will stop once you have satisfied my terms or accept your term of defeat.

I, Travis Pangburn, declare ideological war on Black Lives Matter.


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