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I Declare Ideological War on Ben Shapiro - Infant Circumcision

You don't believe infant circumcision should be outlawed. I do.

This belief, which you have made public, has potentially caused unnecessary harm and suffering to many baby humans. You are giving an excuse to others to keep this barbarism alive.

I agree with you when you claim "Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings." However, you have demonstrated here that you do not meet the prerequisites to claim this and be intellectually honest, due to your position on infant circumcision.

In general, I think you are a good, honest actor in the intellectual community. I don't agree with you on everything, but I think you are generally a good thinker. This particular issue is war worthy because it is needlessly harming babies. They don't identify with a religion or idea that convinces them to have their foreskin removed. They are babies, they don't have this capacity. They rely on us to protect them from things like this.

Here are my war terms:

1. Infant circumcision is a grotesque robbery of an important part of the penis. The foreskin serves many important functions. Disagree? Change my mind.

3. There are many potential complications, including death, when circumcising an infant. Disagree? Change my mind.

3. There is no reasonable justification to perform a full circumcision on an infant. Disagree? Change my mind.

Some of the idiotic excuses given for infant circumcision:

Your terms of defeat:

If you are unable to adopt the scientific facts of this scenario, you must denounce your claim "Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings" and replace it with "Facts Do Care About Your Feelings", to be logically consistent.

I will be dedicating resources to make sure you address these terms, in whatever way you see fit. The war will stop once you have satisfied my terms or accept your term of defeat.

I, Travis Pangburn, declare ideological war on Ben Shapiro

To join this war effort, become a member for free at

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